pictures, pictures, and more pictures!

I have tons of pictures going back over a month ago that I haven't shared. I'm taking advantage of this rainy day and playing catch up! ;)

The boys and I had a busy and fun Spring Break...we started the week off at the Byrdnest with Bebe and Papa! Here Camp is about to go to the beach with Papa for a bonfire! Camp was sure excited!!

We then headed to St. Teresa with Sidney, Avery and Baby Ben!

Sweet friends, Camp & Avery

Our last night in St. Teresa...so many precious babies!!

THEN we headed to St. Augustine to visit my dad and Meri. Camp is giving Grandpa a tutorial on his iPad. :)

Fun at the Alligator Farm...

I have a picture with this same alligator in 1994!! :)

Grandpa and Camp visited El GaleĆ³n

Playdate with Camp's friend H! We had a great time and even walked to a neighborhood pond so the boys could go fishing!

B & C in the wagon...they were too cute.

I'm proud to say that I was the one that caught this fish!! :) Oh yeah! 

They were so cute measuring their catch!

Two weekends ago, I headed to Folly Beach for Beth's bachelorette party! What a fun weakend!!

Always loving on each other. 

Best buddies!

Happy Birthday to Ivy and Troy!!

Fun at Lake Ella 

I know this probably isn't very sanitary, but oh well. The boys had fun...

Camp had his Easter party at school yesterday...

I, along with two other moms, was in charge of snack...I made the donut bunnies and another mom made the precious carrots and hummus!! I thought the snack turned out so cute!

Silly boys!

And just to break my heart, I did a little comparison of Camp at his first preschool Easter egg hunt and his last preschool Easter egg hunt.. BOO HOO!!!! :( 

Lunch at Hopkins

Dyeing Easter eggs...there's just something about the smell and sound of the dyes dissolving in vinegar...takes me back to my childhood!!

Both boys took this job very seriously!

So much fun!!

I hope everyone has a great Easter!!


yaya said...

so much fun..so many great pics,,

Bebe said...

Fun Spring happenings at the Gunter household! Sweet, loving, fun boys!