collins is two

This will be the last monthly picture with Collins and Beary and I'm a little relieved! :)  I'm so thankful, though,  that I was able to take them every month with both boys for two years! 

Collins understands so much!! I can tell him to do something and he usually does it. If he's not listening, I can say "One, two" and he'll usually listen by two! :) 

He loves Finding Nemo and he asks to watch it all of the time. I'm trying to add a few more movies into his repertoire though. :)

Every time I put him down for a nap or to bed at night, he'll say "Bye, Mama!" It about breaks my heart!! He'll also say, "Hey Mama!!" when I go to get him out of bed.

He's 30 pounds and 36" tall. He did not like the doctor's office at all!! He screamed the whole time!! I'm thankful he didn't have to get any shots this time!! :)

He loves his brother!! And his brother loves him. I will NEVER get sick of watching them love on each other. 

He loves bananas, cheese, oatmeal and eggs! He loves his milky too! 

He's wearing size 2T shorts and shirts, 3T Jon Jons. He wears a size 5 diaper. I'm hoping to potty train him this summer, but he's not really showing much interest yet. I'm hoping big brother will be a good influence!! :)

I never thought I could love another baby like I love Camp, but Collins has proven me wrong! This little buddy has me wrapped around his chubby little finger!


Bebe said...

Love how he loves his Beary! Happy Birthday, Big Boy Collins!!

Charlotte Schwartz said...

Lane, I miss seeing you and your boys on Facebook. I hope you keep updating the blog! xoxo Charlotte