disney 2014

 We headed to Disney at the beginning of February. As always, it was a blast!! Exhausting, but so much fun. The best part is always watching Camp and Collins enjoy themselves!!!

Special treats for the car ride down to Disney!

I made this autograph/photo book for Camp and I really am so happy with how it turned out! Camp ended up sharing it at school for his sharing day the week we got back...which just so happened to be "M" week!! Perfect timing!

We arrived to Disney Sunday afternoon and headed to Epcot. 

Camp and Adam had Fast Passes to ride Soarin' so Collinsy and I rode Figment and ate lalas!

We ate dinner at the Coral Reef Restaurant and we had a great table!! It was so much fun to see the fish swim by.

After dinner, we headed to the World Showcase. All of the vendors were selling the light up toys and as soon as Camp asked if he could buy one, I broke out the glow sword I bought at Dollar Tree. SCORE! :) He was perfectly content with it and we saved lots of money!! I had one for Collins too!!

On Monday, we headed to my favorite Magic Kingdom.

LOVE these sweet boys!!

Watching Jack Sparrow

My favorite part on my favorite ride! ;)

Collinsy ended up getting a great nap in the stroller while Adam and Camp rode a few scary rides!

After a trip to the Confectionary...yum yum!

After a hot and fun filled day, we headed back to our hotel for a swim!

We had so much fun just relaxing by the pool!

After showers, we headed back to Magic Kingdom for our dinner reservations at Crystal Palace...

Collinsy wasn't quite sure about the characters! He liked them from afar, but not when they came up close! hahah!!

Camp on the other hand, has always been our character lover!!

HA!!!! Poor Collinsy Bear!

The boys humored me and agreed to ride the Little Mermaid ride. I LOVED it!!! 

On Tuesday we headed to Hollywood Studios...we rode the awesome Toy Story ride, saw Disney Jr. Live and then headed to lunch at 50s Prime Time Cafe. We had a great lunch and it was such a fun place!

fabulous cocktails!

We headed back to our hotel to enjoy another afternoon at the pool!! I'm so glad we spent so much time at our hotel...we LOVED the Grand Floridian!

Camp and his Perry lala!

Pirate boys before dinner...

After dinner, we found the perfect spot at our hotel to watch the fireworks! It was the BEST place to watch them. We had a great view and they were far enough away that they weren't so loud for poor Collins!! 

Our last day, we squeezed in every last minute we could at the pool! I think Camp could have just spent our entire Disney trip at the pool and would have been perfectly content! The pool was shallow enough the whole way that Camp could stand up.

We also headed over to the kiddie pool and Camp had SO MUCH FUN!! Collinsy was shaking with fear from the hat that dumped all of the water! :) Haha!! 

 Our last stop was the hotel arcade and I'm glad Camp didn't discover this place until we were about to leave! 

Collins loves to play video games too!!

If I could live at Disney, I would. It really is the happiest place on Earth. I love it so much. I'm so glad these boys love it too!!! Camp's already asking to go back and I can't blame him!!! 


Bebe said...

Feel like I went there too after reading this post. What a fun time! Poor Collins... takes after his mama when it comes to his fear of characters. And the pirate leg is my favorite part of that ride!

yaya said...

wow!!1 I feel like I went to Disney!!! Precious pics' precious family....so many sweet memories being made...