22 months

Precious Collins is 22 months and is growing and changing every single day. This is my favorite stage so far with Collins. He is a talking machine and he cracks me up!!! He has the funniest personality. He is a clingy child and is definitely a Mama's boy. He can't just sit next to me, he has to sit in in my lap!! He still always wants me to hold him too. He's a little more reserved and it takes him a little longer to warm up, but I think that's a good thing!

I asked him if he wanted to go take pictures with Beary and he ran straight into his room and onto his bed. I love that he understands everything we say!! 

Collins is still doing his silly foreign sounding language...he'll throw in real words every once in a while, but it's the cutest thing. He really is carrying on a conversation and he is always so serious when he tells us stories.

When I ask him what kind of birthday party he wants he'll say "blower". I can't believe he's almost TWO!!! 

When someone asks him a question, he typically answers "NOOO!!!!" I'm still finding it humorous!! 

He loves, loves, loves books!!! 

He loves airplanes, tractors, trucks, lawn equipment...he's definitely all boy. He loves to play outside too and he will keep himself occupied.

He's waking up in the morning and calling out my name instead of crying. I loved when Camp started doing that too! If I'm taking too long to come get him, Collins will start calling out "BROTHER!!!!" :) Haha!!

Camp and Collins are the sweetest little buddies and watching them interact never gets old. Collins can be a little feisty with Camp though! We have to remind Camp that he is the older brother and he can put Collins in his place! 

Happy 22 months, you sweet, precious, angel boy!!!


Bebe said...

Happy 22 months, sweet boy! Love, love, love you! And love his sweet talk. I think he could converse with my nail gal and they would understand each other :)

Carrie Anne said...

Love it!!!!! <3 <3 <3

yaya said...

Sweet baby boy... when did he get so big?!! Love watching him grow and change...and I love our intense conversations!!!