I really can't believe that the Christmas season is already upon us!! Ahhhh!! This year has flown by!! 
Here are some pictures from the past month or so...

Collins on Thanksgiving...he sure loves to mow the grass. He is still fascinated with blowers too, but is  frightened of them as well. He likes to enjoy them from afar! :)

Two weekends ago, I took the boys to Trader Joe's. Camp spotted this gingerbread house and had to have it. Typically, I'll get one from Publix that's already assembled and all we have to do is decorate. This kit required me to make my own icing...with egg whites, no less!!! I was very intimated, but the icing turned out perfectly!! I was so proud of myself!!! :)

Camper had a blast decorating/eating.

And Collins enjoyed eating the goodies too!!

We woke up one morning to find Jake helping himself to the gingerbread house!! Camp thought it was hilarious!

Collinsy loves trying on shoes!

December 1st...time for the advent calendar!! 

chic fil a picnic in the front yard...

Last weekend we headed to Charleston with the Edenfields and Micas. We attended the Garden & Gun Jubilee. We had fun collecting any sample/free items we could get our hands on!!! :) It really was a neat display of some pretty cool southern vendors. #lowcountryspoiled #lol #couldntresist

They were serving "free" beer in these cups and although I don't typically care for beer, I actually drank it because I wanted the dang cup!! :) Haha!!

We rented a house down town and this gorgeous house was across the street. It's FOR SALE and I want it! So beautiful!

The gates leading to the garden...

I had so much fun with these girls...they can make me laugh like no other!

I love that I have two boys to help me bake now!!

While checking out at Target today, the cashier asked me if Collins liked popcorn...she gave me a sticker to get some for free and we were both so excited!! There's nothing better than Target popcorn! 

We finally have our tree up and lit...here is Camp putting on the first ornament! His new ornament this year is the red Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Raphael!

We went to visit Santa and Mrs. Claus tonight at Bass Pro Shops. Collins wasn't so sure of Santa, but Camp was sure excited!!

He mailed his Christmas list to the North Pole and I got it back out when he wasn't looking...gotta save it for the baby book!!! Ha!!!

Adam decorated our magnolia tree with the prettiest C9 lights I've ever seen...the colors make me so happy!!! 

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Christmas season!! ;)

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HO HO HO!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!