mountain trip 2013

We spent Veteran's Day weekend in north Georgia with Yaya, Bop Bop, Carrie Anne, & Dave. We had lots of fun! Our house was on a little creek and the view was so nice.

 watching hunting videos on YouTube...

We didn't get the FSU game on TV so David was able to stream it on the computer...whatever works!! :)

me and my cuddly boys!

We've been wanting to get a picture of Camp wearing the jacket that both Adam and David wore when they were younger. Yaya brought the jacket up to the mountains and the beautiful woods made for a perfect backdrop. These pictures of him make me so happy...such a handsome boy!!

Collins is still a little too small to get his picture made in the jacket, but it won't be long!!

the gunter boys

On Sunday, we headed up to Blue Ridge to spend the day with Bebe and I couldn't resist a picture of her beautiful view. It NEVER gets old. 

Such a fun weekend! Thanks, Yaya and Bop Bop for continuing this fun family tradition!!


Bebe said...

Wonderful pictures! The one of Ben, Janet and the boys is sooo good! Frame-worthy. Glad Bebe was able to get a quick visit in with her little Gunter family!

yaya said...

wish we were there RIGHT NOW!!!!