halloween 2013

Waiting on Camp's costume parade...always have to have a snack handy!

Cutest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ever.

I really wanted to do another coordinating costume theme with the boys this year, but I gave up. I didn't  even know for sure what Collins was going to be until the day before Halloween. So unlike me, I KNOW!!! Haha!! 

Even without a coordinating theme, they were SOOO cute!! That frog costume just kills me...it's the same costume Camp wore when he was two. Good gracious, I love it.

We picked up our hayride tradition again this year and it was lots of fun. CRAZY, but fun!! :) 

Collinsy wasn't so sure about trick or treating, but this Mama made sure he went to at least a few houses so he (I) could get some candy. 

By the last house, Collins had almost completely lost his costume...he takes after his Mama!! :) 

What a fun Halloween!

Happy November!

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Bebe said...

Happy Halloween, my sweet little amphibian-reptile boys! Boo!!