pumpkin patch & lots of time outside

 Camper finally had his turn at the pumpkin patch on Wednesday!
We met his class and enjoyed the festivities...

Collins turned this gourd into a gun...

Camper getting his hand painted...he wasn't too sure about getting his face painted, so the hand it was!

love this picture of Collins!

Collins had to join in on the fun and stand next to his brother during the story time...

Camp and his buddy, Anna! 

With this glorious weather we've been having, we are spending lots of time outside! 

think he needs a haircut???

Camp has been asking if he could try chopsticks sometime so we got some for him and he got a real kick out of them! 

not too shabby! 

Collins was so cuddly after his nap yesterday morning. I thought he might have gone back to sleep so I turned my phone camera on to see if he was awake or not...sweetest boy!

While Collins napped yesterday afternoon, I put a blanket outside on the grass and watched Camp ride his bike in the driveway. Camper thought it looked pretty comfy so he ended up joining me! 

Fall weather is the best and so is sweet time with my biggest buddy!!! 


Carrie Anne said...

That last picture is magazine cover worthy!!!

Bebe said...

Love those sweet boys! Collins is following Camp's no shirt policy!