beach weekends

We spent the first two weekends of September down at the beach. The first at the Lion's Paw and the second at the Byrdnest! 

Labor Day Weekend...
We spent Saturday in PSJ and did a little shopping.

We ate lunch at Peppers!

Saturday evening, we headed to the point by boat. The weather was perfect and we all had a blast!

After our trip to the point we tried out Ronnie B's for dinner...yum yum.

Weekend at the Byrdnest...

Happy boys!

Collinsy got his first hair cut by Bebe! :) She did it in two quick cuts and then the curls (mullet) were gone!! 

chillin' on the beach!

cute little feet!

We had so much fun that we decided to stay Sunday night and just wake up early Monday morning to head back to town. :)

Such fun weekends at the beach...with a busy summer and barely no beach trips, it was fun to get in some much needed beach time!!

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Bebe said...

Looking forward to many more beach weekends with all of you!!
PS I think I'll keep my day job as a Delta retiree and stay away from the hair scissors...