17 months

Collins is 17 months old!!! I feel like this is a stage of many new discoveries and new words. He's a babbling machine. A lot of it is his special little language that we just LOVE, but a lot of it is actual words! New words this month: Tractor, more, doggie, Bop Bop, Bebe, Papa, ball, Della, and brother. Along with the already mastered, deer, hot, Mama, Dada, Yaya, and Uh Oh. 

He loves to list off all the names of the people he loves...Dada, Mama, Yaya, Bop Bop, Bebe, Papa...and repeat! :) He also loves looking at pictures and naming people. 

He loves to read books and brings me books all day long. His favorite at the moment is his First 100 Words book. 

He calls his pacis "ee uh". He says "uh oh" correctly so pacis have their own special name! :)

We started Kindermusik today and he has the same teacher Camp had! Collins seemed to enjoy it until the very end when he kept asking for his "ee uh ee uh ee uh" :) I think he was getting sleepy and had way too much fun dancing and playing with instruments! We're starting at the same age Camp started and I think Collins and I will both have lots of fun.

He's moved up to a size 5 diaper...something Camp never did! Collins has a little more meat on his bones! :)

He loves most foods...he still loves the squeeze baby food, cheese, and watermelon.  


Bebe said...

And his loved ones love hearing their names from his precious lips! Happy 17 months, sweet baby!

yaya said...

so glad I made the first list!!!! sweet boy is sooo precious and getting so big!!!I want to bottle up every day and save it!!