camper is 5

Our sweet Camper is 5! One whole hand! He woke up on Thursday to birthday decorations and a few presents to open.

We brought birthday snack of camo cookies, apples, cheese, & juice...with camo napkins and coordinating plates too! :) 

When Daddy came home, it was time to open more gifts!! 

The special surprise of the night was a new bike...and an awesome helmet and bike bell! :)

Camp requested hot dogs, corn on the cob, and macaroni & cheese for dinner...easy enough! 

Camper at 5.
Almost forgot about pictures with Beary!! :) 

Camper at 1 week.
Seeing the difference in these pictures really makes me want to cry!!!! 

Army birthday cake!

Tv Show- Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Movie- Jake and the Neverland Pirates - Peter Pan Returns
Food- Deer Sausage
Drink- Sweet Tea
Candy- Chocolate
Toy-  Airplanes & Helicopters
What makes you happy? – Goin' deer huntin'
What do you and mommy do together?- Go to Target and get toys.
What do you and Daddy do together?- We go deer huntin' and fishin' and turkey huntin' and squirrel huntin'.
Who is your best friend? Colson & Ryder
Who is your best friend that is a girl- Avery
Favorite place to go- Cushes aka Coosh's
Favorite book- Toy Story
What do you want to be when you grow up? Army 
Favorite song- Keep Me In Mind by Zac Brown Band

Quotables by Camp

"We have one dog, two adults, and two sweet precious boys so that's 5, right?"

He's really into telling us how much he loves us...
"I love you more than a star…like a cute star. You are a cute mommy."
"I love you more than 20 millions. I love you more than planet Earth."

 "I'll always be your baby even when I'm 30"

"You are the perfect mommy" - - brought tears to my eyes!

"Even after my birthday I want you to say, 'hey birthday boy'."

He loves to count and can count all of the way to 120 with no mistakes. He's so proud and loves to practice counting all of the time. He's learning about mixing colors to get another color at school and he loves to tell us all about that.

Happy Birthday to our PRECIOUS, SMART, SWEEEEEET 5 year old boy!

Stay tuned for pictures from a boys only Army party. ;)


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Heather said...

Oh my LAWD, this boy can melt a heart! Happy Birthday, Camp!!! The difference between the pictures made me want to cry too ... and deer sausage replaced the beloved blueberries ... guess it was bound to happen ;) xo

Bebe said...

Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy! So glad I got to be there to watch you turn one whole hand.
Hugs and kisses!!

yaya said...

The sweetest five year old in the world!!! he has the sweetest heart and is an amazing fellow! He is blessed to have wonderful parents that expose him to so many fun and interesting adventures!! love you ALL!!!!!