sweet summertime

We are having a glorious summer! We've been staying really busy and having lots of fun!

We are getting lots of ripe blueberries every day! We made blueberry muffins last week and they were SO good!

Collins learned how to drink out of a straw one evening while we were at El Jalisco...

"wow...that's refreshing!"

Camper attended Red Dirt camp last week and LOVED it! 

morning cartoons...

Camp has swim lessons this week. We skipped the first week for Red Dirt camp, but I figured he just needed a quick refresher course and one week would be enough! 

This is a huge step for my cautious boy. 

**At his 2nd day of lessons he jumped into the pool without Mrs. Randi catching him!! I had tears in my eyes...Camp is always so careful when it comes to the water (which is a good thing) but I was just so proud of him for jumping in all by himself!**

silly time with daddy!

"I want to spend the night in this tree!"

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YaYa said...

ahhhh...sweet summertime!....precious pics of precious boys!!