14 months

Collins is 14 months old! He had his 14 month checkup today. He's 22 lbs, 15 oz (50%) and 30.75" long (50%).  Head circumference is 48cm. He had two shots and cried just a bit until I picked him up. He did not like when the dr. tried to listen to his heart or look in his ears! :)

Collins continues to be a sweet baby that has learned to love to cuddle. 

He FINALLY has four teeth coming in. Two top teeth, and two teeth on the bottom...his right lateral and central incisor. (yes, I googled the correct names for those teeth!)

He has started climbing the kids chairs (as you will be able to tell from the pics...it's his favorite thing to do!!) and it makes me a nervous wreck! :) He also loves to sit on little stools, boxes, bins, etc. if it's the perfect height, he attempts to sit on it.

He loves to pretend to feed us. He loves to share food and toys with us!

He loves drinking out of Camper's sippy cups!! :)

He's already funny!! He does things to make us laugh...he's gonna be a little jokester! Haha!

He's becoming very interested in books and his fave is his DOG book...it was Camp's favorite too! He also loves his animal sounds book.

He loves watching the crew come do our yard...he'll watch them out the window in awe! He notices big tractors, trucks, motorcycles, etc. He's such a BOY and I love it. 

He's starting to move trucks/cars back and forth to drive them. He will also throw balls.

He loves to imitate every sound we make. I swear he can repeat the tunes from songs too.

He can say "uh oh"

He's wearing size 18 months and size 4 diaper.

He loves bananas, watermelon, gummies, cheese, yogurt, and chicken.

He takes two great naps a day. Usually 10:30am and 2:30-3pm. Goes to sleep at night around 8pm.

Precious little tootsies!

We love our Collinsy Bear!


Bebe said...

Happy 14 months, sweet, adventuresome boy!

yaya said...

love the update!!! he is such a happy boy!!love you big boy!!