four and a half

Over the past few months, I've written some of the sweet and funny things that Camp has said. Here's a little bit about Camp at four and a half!

He wants to be an "Army" when he grows up. He's already requesting an Army themed birthday party when he turns 5. :)

He loves to look like a "dude". I think the days of appliquéd shirts have come to an end. :( He's starting to fight seersucker and gingham shorts, but if I say Daddy has some just like them, he'll wear them. When I pick out his outfit for the day he'll say, "Oh good, that makes me look like a dude." Or "Noooo that doesn't make me look like a dude!" He loves to come home from school and change into "dude" outfits...usually jeans with holes and a too small hoodie with no shirt underneath...

He has stopped biting his nails! YIPPEE!! While we were out at lunch one day in Blue Ridge, we saw this guy biting his nails. We pointed it out to Camp and Camp thought it looked pretty gross... :) Whatever it takes! Now I just have to remember to cut his nails...I got about a two year break from doing it!! I can't stand long nails on kids...gag.

His favorite foods are oatmeal and boiled eggs. He loves orange juice and I still water it down...1/2 water/1/2 juice. Sweet tea is his other drink of choice.

He talks alllll the time!! :) He asks lots of questions, like "how do ants make their ant beds?"

He tells us that he loves us probably 75 times a day, not exaggerating. 

About a month ago, I changed out of my pajamas and into yoga pants and a t-shirt, I walked out of our bedroom and Camp looks at me and says "you look dad gum beautiful, girl!!!" :)

He's very appreciative and loves to give compliments. His love language is still definitely words of affirmation. He also gets his feelings hurt very easily.

One day we picked up Whataburger to take to Adam at the shop, Camp wanted a cheeseburger with only cheese, mayonnaise and ketchup (just like his mommy!) and his burger ended up having onions, pickles, and mustard on it instead. A few days later we were in the drive thru line at Panera and Camp said, "Do the people at Panera make good choices?" I asked him what he meant by that and he said, "remember the people at Whataburger weren't good listeners because they put pickles and onions on my cheeseburger?" :) Haha...

I asked him what my job was and he said, "you clean the kitchen, do dishes, and make coffee."

He loves to swing on his swing set...he knows how to pump all by himself!

Some quotes from Camp...
  • "You are the best cooker ever and I love this food you made me and I love you."
  • "You are funny all of the time, Mommy."
  • "You are the bestest Mommy I've ever seen in my life."
  • "You are the sweetest Mommy ever and Daddy is the sweetest Daddy ever."
  • "I am so proud of my little brother!"
  • " Look! The Easter Bunny brought Collins a whale plate! That was so nice of him!


Heather said...

I. Am. Dying. "You look dad gum beautiful, girl!" and that was so nice of the Easter bunny to bring the whale plate. Seriously, I could eat his cheeks. Cannot believe he is outgrowing all of those sweet 'baby' clothes, but loving his new outlook on being a dude ;) He is the coolest dude I know, for sure.

Bebe said...

Sweet, sweet boy.... And if he takes after his Uncle Trip, he will stay that way! Love the bigger boy that he's becoming. What a joy!

Carrie Anne said...

THE coolest, sweetest, smartest dude I know. Love it. :)