13 months

I didn't take pictures of Camp and Beary from months 13-15...I picked them back up at 16 months. I remember now why I stopped at 12 months...it's so difficult to get a good picture!! :) I also remember blogging that I wanted to continue Beary pictures with our next baby until 24 months, so here we go! :) Haha!! 

13 months! This month has been an exciting month of discoveries and new talents! 

Collins is walking everywhere and FAST!! He is into everything!! Ahh...this Mama is TIRED! :) 

He can blow kisses. 

He roars when he sees big trucks, lawn equipment, tractors, airplanes, etc. 

He's saying Yaya...yesterday when we pulled into the preschool parking lot he said, "Yaya, Yaya". We usually see her on the playground when we pick Camp up. We may have another extremely observant child on our hands!! :)

Collins still has NO teeth! He's got his brother beat! :) Camp was 12.5 months when he got his first tooth. 

He can sign "please", "milk" and "all done". He's also waving when he wants to go outside. 

Speaking of outside, he LOVES to go outside. 

He makes a silly face when we ask him to be silly. 

He loves to "smell the flowers". 

He holds his hand up to his ear and says hello like he's talking on the phone.

He did such a great job with the milk transition. No more bottles for Collins!! We just went cold turkey...I don't even have to heat up his milk. For some reason, I was so anxious to transition to cold milk and sippy cups. I was worried it was going to be such a hard process, but the little buddy was awesome. He loves his milky and water with a splash of juice! :) 

He's pointing at everything.

This child loves to always have something in his mouth. He'll put a toy in his mouth and just walk around the house with it while continuing to play. We have to be so careful to make sure every little thing is picked up...I don't remember Camp putting stuff in his mouth like this, but we also didn't have so many toys around the house when he was this age. :)

He'll touch his eye when we ask him where his eye is and he'll touch our eyes when we ask him too! :)

He is a MAMA'S BOY!! Oh my! I love it, but it can get exhausting! :) I can't leave the room without him crumbling. He loves to be held too. He's starting to become very cuddly and I LOVE that! He puts his head down on our shoulder and will actually cuddle now. 

He loves bath time...if he's ever in a crabby mood I can put him in the bath and he'll cheer right up!

He loves his DOG book and will actually sit still long enough to read that one. He usually can't be bothered with books, but he's starting to become more interested in them. 

His favorite foods are turkey, chicken, cheese, waffles, yogurt raisins, and Yogis.

He's wearing a size 18 months in clothes and a size 4 diaper. 

He sleeps from 7:45-7:45-8. He's taking two two hour naps a day. 

He's a sweet, sweet boy and I love watching his personality grow. I think he's going to be a funny child...he's already trying to do things to make Camp laugh. :) 

Happy 13 months to our sweet Collins!!!

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Bebe said...

I'm all for continuing the Beary pictures! Sweet, handsome 13 month old boy. His world is a big, exciting, new place to explore! Sleep when you can, Mama...