from the past week and a half...

Camp left his half eaten donut on the table...you snooze you lose, Camper!!

Camp was invited to his friend Harrison's pirate birthday party last weekend...

Jack Sparrow himself made an appearance!

Camp was star struck (I'm not gonna lie, I was too!!) 

"Jack Sparrow" looked, talked, and acted like the real deal!! It was pretty awesome.

Collins and his girlfriend, Avery Anne.

girls dinner at the melting pot for yaya's birthday!

Camper singing Happy Birthday to Yaya.

Magic Cookie Bars for Dave's birthday!!

The spring birthdays have begun!! Yaya and Dave had birthdays last week. Bebe, Adam, Papa, & Collins all have birthdays in the next month. I can't even believe my baby will be one in a month (it brings tears to my eyes) and I can't believe that I will be married to a 30 year old!! :) HA!! I'm only 6 months behind him!

Happy Weekend!


Bebe said...

How nice that YaYa let someone help with her candles! Happy birthday, YaYa and Dave!! Love the look on Collins' face after discovering Camp's donut...

yaya said...

love the pic of the donut thief!!! donut?? what donut??
the feb. bdays were great!!! im so thankful for a big strong boy to help me blow out all those many many candles!!!