spring break 2K13

The boys and I headed to Blue Ridge for Camp's spring break last week. Adam wasn't able to take off of work, but I was determined to attempt the road trip alone! :) Both boys were amazing little travelers and I was so proud of both of them. 
At our favorite...you guessed it, Mercier's! :)

Papa having a little fun with Camp's new bow and arrow from Mercier's.

Blue Ridge has a new olive oil company. Such a neat concept and everything was so tasty!! I've had fun with my new balsamic vinegar and olive oil...I want to use it on everything!

Bebe & Papa's cabin is legit.

Fred's birthday was on Wednesday (the 20th) so we celebrated with cupcakes from the Sweet Shoppe!!

The 20th was also my half birthday!! I woke up to this sweet 1/2 birthday goody!! 

Bebe had some of my favorite Easter decorations out!

these Cadbury eggs sure didn't last long!

It snowed one evening...just a tiny bit of flurries, but it was exciting for us Florida natives! 

Bebe told me that we would probably find out if Chandler was accepted to UGA while we were in town. Bebe checked the status of Chandler's admission about 5000 times a day and we finally found out on Friday that Chandler will be a BULLDOG in the fall!! We are so proud of her!! She is beyond excited...hard work pays off!!!!
We all found out the wonderful news while Chandler was babysitting...this was as she came home. Those are happy tears! :)

We went out for a celebratory dinner at La Pizzeria and Bebe was finally able to get the UGA ice cream cake from DQ! :)
I've always loved the Georgia Bulldogs and now I have a real reason to cheer for them!


Collins quickly became Deacon and Miley's best friend!! They stayed right under his high chair all week! :)

Beth came to Blue Ridge one night too! It was so much fun! Bebe watched Collins the next day so we could go to lunch and shop downtown. Such a special treat!

It was a perfect Spring Break!! We were sad Adam couldn't join us, but we still had lots of fun!! Thanks for putting up with us, Bebe, Papa, & Chandler!!

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Bebe said...

What fun it was to relive our week! It got soooo quiet after you left... I think Deacon and Miley have lost weight without Collins here!