lots of random pictures :)

**our macbook is back so I edited to add commentary under some pictures :) **

We are without our computer for week or two while it's (hopefully) being repaired at Apple. :( I'm going to try and blog from my phone with pictures that I never shared from the past month. From Supper Club dinner at Front Porch and Christmas happenings to New Year celebrations and pictures of our cutie pie boys...and everything in between!! :) Enjoy!

that little hand...omg!

Bebe & Papa bought a brick in downtown Blue Ridge for the boys. Now every time we go visit, we'll have to see their brick!! Love it.

We've always taken Adam's truck to pick up our Christmas tree, but I wanted to bring my car this year. There's just something about a tree on top of a car that makes me so happy!!

Christmas party at Katie's!

On our way to our Christmas Supper Club dinner...wearing my beautiful new necklace from Chandler!

our Christmas gift exchange...next year I'm getting inappropriate!! LOL

handsome boy after a haircut...

Cuddly Collins...Collins doesn't cuddle like Camp does. He loves to be held, but doesn't like to cuddle so when he does, it makes us MELT!

We took a family trip to Academy Sports and Camp fell in love with the toy gun aisle. He's already started his "Easter List"!! He asked what the next holiday was and I told him it was New Year's...he asked if he would get presents. Oh gracious!! :)

Our fabulous New Year's Eve party in the woods...

Fried shrimp and oysters for NYE dinner.

Both boys in the rocket ship cart...I seriously shopped around Publix with a huge smile on my face.

Collins's crazy hair after a bottle. :)

SK's 4th birthday party at Happy Trails

Collinsy is starting to pull up on things...slowly, but surely!

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Bebe said...

Been having withdrawals with no blog posts! Here's hoping Apple gets busy! Cute pictures. OMG, love Collins's bed head! And SK's bday pics... Of course, my beautiful daughter and handsome son-in-law look good too!