Christmas 2012

Our Christmas was wonderful...

Adam and I caught Camp looking up the fireplace on Christmas Eve with hopes of catching a glimpse of Santa. The anticipation and excitement in Camp was just so sweet. We read a few Christmas bedtime stories and surprisingly Camp fell asleep quickly! While we were reading Camp asked if Santa had arrived yet. :)

We left cookies and milk out for Santa.

Santa worked his magic and left lots of presents for two sweet boys...

Camp woke up around 6:30 and came into our room announcing, "Santa's been here!! He brought me a Lego table, Hulk hands, and a Spiderman ball!!" SWEET boy scouted his loot before coming in our room. I would have loved to have seen him out there checking out his gifts all by himself for the first time. 

We didn't waste any time to start ripping and tearing!

Collins loves his fire truck ride on toy!

We spent a lovely morning at home...I made my usual breakfast casserole and my great grandmother's coffee cake. 

We then headed to Yaya & Bop Bop's to open more presents and eat a fabulous Christmas dinner. Standing rib roast, scalloped potatoes, green beans, and squash were on the menu. Yummy!
We had pound cake, pecan pie, and candy cane martinis for dessert...perfection. :)

Sweetest four year old boy!

I think Collins enjoyed his first Christmas!

It was a wonderful Christmas, indeed!! We are so blessed!


Heather said...
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Heather said...

Oh, Camp ... you put a smile on my face :) Love that he was looking for Santa in the fireplace! Too cute. Sounds like a merry, merry Christmas!

Bebe said...

Hip hip hooray for Collins's first Christmas! I love the before opening picture and the after. Looks like a fun time was had by all. And Grandma Harlan's coffee cake... yum