I wrote this post on the 26th, but have been too busy party planning to publish it! :)

Our PRECIOUS Camper is four years old today!! I'm finding myself a little emotional on this birthday...something about four just sounds so big. No baby left in him, toddler years are really gone, he's just a big boy...there's no way around it! :) He's the sweetest big boy there is. I love him so much my heart hurts! 
As always, on every birthday, we took a picture with Beary. I love that on each year birthday he's wearing the theme of his birthday party...


I did a little interview with Camp to find out his favorites...

Tv Show- Octonauts
Movie- Toy Story
Food- Catfish, Chicken, & Shrimp (the child LOVES shrimp!)
Drink- Sweet Tea & OJ
Candy- Kid Buhgum aka Bubblegum
Toy-  Dumptruck
What makes you happy? – food, toys
What do you and mommy do together?- Play
What do you and Daddy do together?- Clean Daddy’s truck
Who is your best friend? Bo
Who is your best friend that is a girl- You…melt my heart!
Favorite place to go- Chick fil A
Favorite book- Pirate Book (he also loves his T-Rex book...he's really into books these days)
What do you want to be when you grow up? A pirate
Favorite song- songs at chapel

He wears 5T shirts and 4T shorts, 5T pants, and 11.5 shoe.

He's  40.4 pounds (75%) and 43.75"(97%) 

Sometimes he'll come into our bed early in the morning...a few weeks ago he came in our room to sleep. When we woke up in the morning he told me, "You were squeezing me when I came in your bed last night, so just make room for me when I come in your bed, ok?" Haha!! I guess I wasn't giving the buddy enough room! When I ask him why he comes into our bed and doesn't want to stay in his bed he'll say "Because I just want to snuggle with you!" How can I turn that down? Usually if we tell him at night to sleep in his bed ALL night long, he'll do it and then he's so proud of himself when he does! 

The other day he got Collins's ball for him after it fell...I told him that was so sweet of him and he said, "Oh my pleasure, I am just a good friend!"

He loves for us to tickle his back or his "paw" (hand). This is a tell tale sign that he's sleepy. Usually after reading a a few books at night, he'll ask us to tickle his paw and he's out like a light in no time. :)




one week

break my heart!! Oh man...precious 1 day old Camper.

It was love at first sight...

Happy 4th birthday, HAPPY CAMPER!

Will update with pictures from his birthday and his party soon! 

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Carrie Anne said...

Love that boy!! Teared up at every word! Can't wait to see the pictures from the party :)