brothers & a birthday for me!

I have some pictures to share that I took on Wednesday. I need to get better about using my camera rather than my phone, but my phone is just so dang convenient! When I actually take the camera out, I always get the cutest pictures that I just love. 

Happy boy...always. 

SO close to sitting up by himself! This is my all time favorite milestone! He just rolled over back to tummy on Monday! He can now roll both ways and he's really starting to scoot too! He's not getting up on all fours yet, but he's close.

I love that with each passing day they are creating such a great brother bond. One morning on the way to school, Collins started fake coughing and then Camp started fake coughing and they would go back and forth. It was so cute. 

Camp reading a book to Collins.

Camp started stacking Collins's books into a tower...

Collins used his scooting skills to get closer to that tower...

And he decided that as baby brother, he needed to exercise his right to start doing the annoying baby brother things like knocking down big brother's tower of books! :) I love it...and Camp thought it was hilarious. I'm not sure he'll always think it's hilarious though!

Yesterday was my 29th birthday and I've had a fabulous week celebrating with friends and family!! 

Adam broke out my birthday present 6 days early because it was burning a hole in his pocket. He asked me every day last week if I wanted to open my gift and finally I just said yes! :)

Last night was parent night at Camp's preschool so Adam and I started the evening at school and then headed to a wonderful birthday dinner. 

pumpkin cheesecake for the birthday girl...yum! 

Camp's teachers told us that he announced to everyone at circle time that it was my birthday and that I was 29. At some point I'm sure I won't appreciate him announcing my age to everyone! 

Next up is Camp's 4th birthday! Crazy.
 My mom has always told me that 4 is such a magical age and I can see how that is true. Every single stage Camp has gone through has been so fun and exciting (yes, even the stages of strong will!), but four just seems to be so cute. I'm already loving the four (in 5 days) year old Camper! 


Bebe said...

Sweet brother pictures...
Love Camp announcing your age. Kind of like Chandler at the same age labeling her family portrait with all of our ages. 29 sure sounds better than 44!
Any yay for celebrating a birthday week! Happy birthday, Little Laney Two Shoes!!

yaya said...

Tis the birthday season!!! Happiest of birthdays to you!! I love the sweet brother pics.They are going to be great buddies!I dont want them to grow up so fast!!! :)

Carrie Anne said...

Can't get enough of those sweet boys! Hope your birthday week was fabulous. Can't wait for Camper's upcoming Fourth Festivities!! :)