2 month stats

 Collins is almost 2 and a half months old, but he had his 2 month well check up today. He looks perfect! He's 12lbs, 7oz (70%) 23.5 inches (75%) and his head circumference is 15.7 inches (50%).

He got three shots and one oral vaccine today. He cried when he got his shots, but stopped right after. I held it together while he got the shots until I looked over at Camp and saw him crying. :( Bless his baby heart, he was so worried about his baby brother and didn't like that he was getting those bad ol' shots! Even before the shots, he didn't want me putting Collins on the table to get measured or on the scale to get weighed. He is such a protective big brother.
On our walk yesterday...Collins looks like such a big boy in this picture!

smilin' boy!

Silly Camp wearing part of his Halloween '09 costume...this child is always making us laugh!


Bebe said...

Poor baby Collins for getting the shots and poor sweet Camp for feeling his pain! He's like his Mama, no one is gonna mess with his baby brother. You were so protective of Trip when he was little.
So Camp has traded his pirate costume for his bumblebee costume? Silly boy!!

Carrie Anne said...

Bess both their sweet hearts!! Happy to see them both in better spirits this evening :)