Not much going on other than getting everything ready for baby brother to arrive! Car seat is installed, hospital bag is packed, Camp's gift from Collins is wrapped, and Camp's Easter basket is filled just in case Collins comes before Easter!
Here are a few pictures taken with my phone from the last week...
Camp on his Easter parade through school...photo courtesy of Yaya. He looks real happy doesn't he?? :)
He is still able to wear his Easter shirt from last year...yippee!!

Camp testing out baby brother's bed...crazy to think that less than a year ago Camp was still sleeping in this crib!

Camp loves to build with blocks!

He usually likes to build towers as tall as he is!

Sweet, sweet picture!

On his Lightning McQueen tribycle...

Happy April!!!


Bebe said...

Love the yee car picture, bandaid and all. And how cute was he in his Easter bonnet?!? Can hardly wait to see you all (and I mean Collins, too) in a few days!!!!

The Smith Family said...

I love the baby bedding!

Carrie Anne said...

I am so glad he likes those blocks!! :) CAN'T WAIT for Collins to get here!