spring has sprung

Adam's birthday was last Friday...the big 2-9!
Camp was so excited to give Daddy his birthday gifts!

I got Adam a silhouette made of Camp and I am absolutely in love with it. I think it looks just like him! Can't wait to get one of Collins.

Adam's birthday cake made by yours truly...it's his fave...yellow cake with chocolate frosting!

Camp was pretty excited about the cake and helped Adam blow out the candles!

On Sunday, Adam and I took Camp to see The Lorax...cute movie! As always, Camp had to get in some game time. He played for about 10 minutes...no tokens required. :)

Camp spent the night with Yaya & Bop Bop last night and Adam and I went out on our 2nd date in a week...so much fun! I got crazy and ordered the tastiest pina colada...minus the rum, of course! 

Happy Spring!!


The Smith Family said...

Love Camps bbtn!! So cute on him :)

Bebe said...

Glad Adam had a good birthday and that he let Camp help him blow out allllll of his candles! Speaking of birthdays... happy 1/2 birthday to my beautiful daughter!!