merry christmas!!

Bebe and Chandler just left after spending four fabulous days with us in Tallahassee. It was such a special treat and we were sad to see them leave, but they're meeting Papa in ATL (he's flying home from work today) and heading to a tropical location for Christmas!! :) 

We've been busy little elves around here...
Camp's already put out food for the reindeer...two days early!

He was so cute setting it out.

I'm sure Santa's reindeer will be so happy to enjoy a special treat from the Gunters!

The breakfast casserole is prepared and in the fridge ready for Christmas morning breakfast!

And all the gifts are assembled and wrapped! This year, we were smart to assemble gifts before Christmas Eve night. Bebe and I were up until 11:30 last night attempting to assemble this garage for Camp. We got as far as we could until we realized we needed a smaller screwdriver. Thankfully, Trip brought one over this morning and it's completely assembled and ready to go!! :) I sure wish Santa would bring his gifts fully assembled...this garage was a doozy! 

 Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


The Smith Family said...

Love his outfit and your christmas card!

yaya said...

A wonderful Christmas! Loved seeing Bebe and having her join our Christmas get-together!Looking forward to a wonderful 2012...