christmastime and a pregnancy update

We saw Santa last week and Camp was about the cutest thing ever telling him what he wanted for Christmas. Lately, if we ask Camp to do something and he doesn't really feel like doing it he'll say "I can't want to get presents"  meaning the whole "Santa only brings presents to little boys that listen" phrase isn't going to work on him at the moment! 

We got the Target Christmas toy catalog in the mail over a month ago, but Camp has had the best time looking through it picking out his favorite toys. Every time he sees something he wants (which is pretty much every toy he sees) he'll say "I want that for my birthday!!" if it's a girly thing he'll say "Mommy, do you want that for your birthday?" 

Camp had his Christmas program at preschool on Wednesday...

Although he didn't really sing any songs, I was just thankful he didn't cry and run off stage when he saw his adoring fans out in the audience!! :) 

He looked so cute up there and even waved to Carrie Anne and Dave! :)

The child is almost a head taller than everyone in his class!! :) 

Back in his class after the great performance!! 

My dad and Meri came to town last week to bring lots of Christmas presents! Camp loved all of the goodies they brought!

He got a tool set with real tools! No plastic baby toys for this boy! The set included a pair of gloves just like Daddy and Bop Bop so Camp can help fill the fireplace with firewood. Camp has already filled our fireplace with wood and it's just ready for a roaring fire!! :)

Camp bustin' a move in the front yard after Daddy got home from work on Thursday! :)

He's such a silly boy!! 

I made Rudolph cookies for Camp's school snack on Friday...thank you to Pinterest for the inspiration!! :) If you're going to make these, make sure to put the pretzels in the cookie right after they get out of the oven. Don't waste any time! :) Put the m&m's in right after the pretzels...the cookies need to still be warm!

I used these pretzels because I knew they'd be smaller than the typical chocolate covered pretzels...they worked perfectly!

I also made these Santa hat pretzels and I thought they turned out pretty cute too! Camp was so excited for his Christmas snack and told his teachers as he walked into his class yesterday that he brought "reindeers cookies for snack!"

I'm 22.5 weeks pregnant...feeling great and surprised at how fast this pregnancy is flying by! I guess that's what happens when you have a three year old running around. I'm feeling baby boy move allll the time and I love it. Adam and Camp have gotten to feel him move too. We still don't have a name for him, but we have a few that we both like and I'm hoping we narrow it down soon! Camp thought that "sister" was a cute name and now when we ask what we should name the baby he'll say Hayes. :)

Camp has been enjoying my baby belly as a pillow. :)

Happy last weekend before Christmas!!


The Smith Family said...

You look so cute! Merry christmas!

Bebe said...

Mama Gunter's looking good! So glad the long legged one did well at his program. He looks so cute! Enjoy every last minute of the Christmas season!!

yaya said...

I loved the christmas snack! And the program was great!!!! You are such a cute mommy!

Carrie Anne said...

Love that picture of you! So pretty...and absolutely love the pictures of Camp bustin' a move...hahah I might have to print those!! :)