pictures from my phone

Here are some phone pictures from the past month or so that I wanted to share...

Camper & Daddy at Village Inn for breakfast...yummy!

Our new precious munchkin's first picture...this was taken a month ago! :)

Remember the HGTV show Adam and I filmed almost three years ago?? Well, it finally aired at 7:30am on September 19th (primetime, baby!) We didn't have much warning and I actually forgot it was coming on until my mom called to remind me! It was really fun to watch and I'm glad Adam was still home so he could watch it too! :) Look at sweet Camp...only 4 months old!

I thought Adam and I looked like naturals :)...it's funny that we aren't even in that house anymore, but it was neat to look back! We were told we'd get a copy of the show so hopefully we'll still end up getting it.

Lion King

Even Chick-fil-A thinks I'm special...ain't they sweet??

Adam bowling...he's a lot better than I am!

Dolphin Tale in 3D...those dang 3D movies are gimmicks, but the 3D showing was the only one not during naptime...

Camp and his bff the toad...he goes out every night to search for him (and other frogs). He has full on conversations with them too... "wanna go swimming in the pool?" then he'll put them in his pool.
 poor frogs...


Bebe said...

Chik-Fil-A is not the only one who thinks you're special! Happy day to my special daughter and grandson!!

yaya said...

He changes so much so fast! Thanks for all the pics...love the baby Camp pic! and our munchkins first pic! so special! :)