camp is three!

Camp woke up on his birthday to find balloons and presents waiting for him on the kitchen counter...he was pretty excited!!

He was so cute opening each present...he played with each one and then moved on to the next. His favorites were his tool box (really a tackle box) with lots of wiggly worms (or wiggy da worms as he likes to say) and his new playdough set.

When he opened his playdough he said "It's my birthday...ahhhhhhh!!!"
When he was finished opening everything he said "chank you for all of my presents!!"

After presents he had a sprinkle donut with a 3 candle...

Adam and I both took Camp to school and we brought these adorable pirate cookies for birthday snack. I brought in a picture to Tasty Pastry and they were able to recreate them perfectly!

When we got home from school, a package from Bebe & Papa was waiting for Camp on the front porch...

they sent him an awesome digital camera and he's had fun taking lots of pictures!

We decided to have a low key birthday this year and had Adam's family over for a pirate dinner!
I decorated with a few of Camp's pirate toys...

Camp couldn't wait to open even more presents! By the end of the day, he was a pro at the whole present thing!

lots of pirate loot!

eating his pirate dinner...hot dog, corn on the cob (his fave!), and hashbrown casserole...with jack sparrow by his side!

I made his birthday cake this year...I found a cake online that looked easy to make so I attempted it.
Camp loved it!

When asked what he wanted for his birthday, he'd always say "a pirate cake!"

a pirate cake with a sparkler...doesn't get much better than that!

after camp was finished playing with his cake... :)

I asked Camp what his favorite part of his entire birthday was and he said "the pirate cake with the fireworks" :) He says his favorite gift was his pirate ship boat, but he's had so much fun playing with everything! Our living room is still covered with new birthday toys, but he's been playing with everything constantly!!
Happy 3rd birthday to our sweet, sweet Camper!!

I took a picture with Camp and Beary on his birthday so I'll post that soon along with his 3 year stats...


Bebe said...

Happy 3rd birthday, Biggest Boy!! Glad you had a good birthday! Arrr...
Love you lots!!!!

Bebe and Papa

CA said...

Happy Birthday again to my favorite boy! The pictures turned out so good. Everything looked precious that night! So much fun!!

mary caroline said...

cute, sweet boy!! loved all the pirate details...and way to go on making the festive cake! Looked great and I'm sure even tastier. Happy Birthday Camp!!!! Love you!

yaya said...

A wonderful day for a wonderful pirate!!! Loved every minute!! The pics are great :) Thanks for always giving us such a great treat!