lake perfection

Exactly two weeks ago, we were headed north to Lake Rabun in Lakemont, Georgia...one of my new favorite places.
Our house was located right on the lake, but in a little cove so we could swim and float without worrying about boats driving by.

If we weren't swimming, we were in the boat picking out our favorite lake houses...

or tubing...this is Bop Bop!

Camp thought it was pretty fun to watch Bop Bop on the tube!

Every house had a boat house that was just as beautiful as the main house...

loved this one...

this house is for sale...it was my absolute fave of every house on the lake. I did a little math and if we had 18 people go in with us, it would be $1000 a month...I think we could swing that! :)

This boat house had a grasshopper weather vane...I loved it!

This boy had the BEST time. He loved going on boat rides and swimming. He keeps asking to swim in the lake and go on boat rides...I think this was Camp's favorite vacation of all!

He had a very relaxing time...

view of the lake from the back porch...

look at that cool dude...can't you just tell he was having a blast??

enjoying a "coca cowa"

Dave and Camp swimming out in front of the house.

There were steps off the boat house dock that walked right down to the water...Camp could get in and out of the water so easily. See how clear the water was? It was just gorgeous...and the temperature was perfect. It wasn't too cold that it took your breath away, but it was soooo very refreshing. The weather was beyond perfect as well...I even had chill bumps some evenings! Chill bumps in the middle of August?? I'll take it!

It was a fantastic vacation and I'm hoping we can go back every year!! You might have noticed Adam wasn't in any pictures and that's because he didn't go! :( Boo hoo...he couldn't get away from work, but was pretty miserable without us...and after I showed him all of the pictures! We've all told him that he's definitely going next year, even if we have to strap him to the luggage rack! I know he would have loved it too!!

Thank you, Yaya & Bop Bop for such a fabulous end of summer vacation!!!


Carrie Anne said...

He WILL be attending next year! He will love it! Love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Can I be a Gunter next year?!?! It's looks like heaven. Rian