first day of school, first day of school!

name that movie :)
Camp started preschool this week and he was pretty excited about it!
First day of school breakfast...don't you just love his smile? :) This is usually the smile I get when I say "cheese!".

Such a big boy!

He sure loves preschool...his buddy, Bo, is in his class this year.
 Camp thinks Bo is pretty cool!

Camp has probably been most excited about his "piggy bank", Rudy, or as he pronounces it, Wudy. :) When he brings snack, he will be able to feed his piggy bank.

Thank goodness we'll bring snack twice in September because of his birthday!! :)

After school, we headed to Hopkins for a turkey sandwich...

and then to tasty pastry for a dinosaur cookie...

every time we drive by tasty pastry, camp will say "guess what? do you want to get a dinosaur cookie?" he loves looking at all of the yummy goodies and one of his favorite things in the bakery is a sample monster cake.

after we get a treat from tasty pastry, he always wants to sit down outside to eat it...this day was no different!

The first week of preschool was a huge success. I'm so excited for the new school year and a new season. Fall...you can't get here soon enough!! :)


yaya said...

A perfect first day!!! Such a BIG boy!! :)

UNCLE Trip said...

come over! i wanna see you and my buddy!

Bebe said...

Finally got hooked up with internet at the new house. First thing I checked was your blog! It didn't disappoint. He looks like such a big boy in his back to school pics... Glad he loves school!

CA said...

LOVE the first day of school. So exciting! Loved seeing him in his class yesterday...he was having the best time ever!