Easter 2011

Camp and I dyed eggs on Saturday. I bought a set of Lightning McQueen dyes a few days after Easter last year for 75% off and planned on using them for this year. I put the dyes in the cups, added the vinegar and nothing happened...the little tablets never dissolved! :( So much for planning ahead and saving money! Soooo I improvised and used gel food coloring, lemon juice and water! I was pretty proud of myself for creating my own Easter egg dyes and they worked perfectly!

This was the first year I attempted dyeing eggs with Camp and he really enjoyed it!

Watching the eggs very closely...his favorite color is orange!

They turned out pretty cute, right?

The blue was the prettiest!

Camp had had enough of me taking pictures and started saying "no more pictures uh me!!"

Then he said "eggs are not beautiful' :) hahah...

Oh yes, he's my child...smelling the eggs! :)
The rest of the day, Camp kept saying "Eggs are so beautiful"

Easter morning, we discovered that the Easter bunny had left Camp lots of goodies!

"it's so cooooool!"

hunting for the candy eggs the easter bunny left around the house...

After egg hunting, we all got dressed and headed to a lovely church service.

After church we headed to Easter dinner! I really didn't take many pictures yesterday, but I can only do so much! :)

At least we got a sweet family picture!

Camp enjoyed his little cousin, Nate and was so sweet to him. Camp looooooooves babies and is always so gentle. Nate and Camp are 15 months apart and it won't be long before Barrett, Camp, and Nate will all seem like the same age! I'm sure they'll have lots of fun together!! :)

We had a wonderful Easter and hope you did too!


Bebe said...

Why is Camp looking like such a big boy?!? Stop growing bigger!! And how cute is Nate? They will all be thick as thieves in no time... Glad the Easter Bunny brought all the right things!

CA said...


Uncle Trip said...

haha I love the mad faced picture.

yaya said...

glad you got some pictures "uh" the easter boy!!! cute cute cute!!!