beach trip & egg hunt

Camp and I headed to the Byrdnest last weekend to join Bebe & Chandler for a few days of Chandler's spring break. We don't pass up any opportunity to go to the beach (or to see Bebe & Chandler for that matter!) The night before we left, I decided to make some Easter sugar cookies to take down.
I love these cookie cutters...they are also great for making shaped sandwiches!

Camp even helped me!

Then he pretended the rolling pin was a gun...boys will be boys!! :)

The weather was just perfect at the beach!

We spent some time on the beach, watched lots of Lifetime movies and even headed to PSJ for a yummy dinner complete with Marge & Ritas ;) at Peppers.

We had such a fun few days!

Camp had his Easter party at school yesterday...

I helped hide the eggs for the party and stayed to watch the egg hunt in action...all of the kiddies were so cute!

They were supposed to put all of the eggs they found in one big basket so the eggs could be split up and shared equally. All of the children did such a great job!

Camp really understood the whole egg hunt thing this year. He was so cute trying to find the eggs.

Running to find one last egg!

After the egg hunt, they went inside for their fabulous Easter party...take a look at the precious goodie bags!
Preschool is awesome! ;)

Happy Easter Weekend!


yaya said...

wonderful pictures!! loved the rolling pin gun!!glad he enjoyed the egg hunt!!!way to go CAMP!!!

CA said...

He is so BIG!!!! It makes me wanna cry!!! Can't wait to see ya'll tomorrow!

Heather said...

These beach pics have me longing for summer! Still a little on the chill side up here in Tennessee!

Bebe said...

Happy Easter, Camp! And to your mama and daddy, too. Hope the Easter bunny brings you lots of fun treats. We love you!!!