we saw meeka

 We spent the beginning of the week at Disney World and it was everything I'd imagined it would be...maybe even more!! Oh how fun it is to see Disney through the eyes of a child! We went at a great time of year...the lines were literally non existent. We spent Monday at the Magic Kingdom and Tuesday at Epcot. I think this post will be all about Magic Kingdom because there are just too many pictures for one post! :)
We left town around noon on Sunday and had to listen to a little Radio Disney to get in the spirit!

We met my dad and Meri in Orlando and stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacations Suites...the accomodations were wonderful and the hotel was so convenient to all of the parks!

I made these "meeka" cookies with Holly & Mary's mom's sugar cookie recipe...yummy!

We watched the Super Bowl and called it a night...we had to get our rest for the next day!

We had one excited boy on our hands...

When we walked through the gates at Magic Kingdom, Pluto and Daisy were greeting people. Camp was so cute and waved to them from his stroller.

Mommy & Camper in front of the castle.

On Aladdin's carpet ride...

Camp loved this ride!

I loved it as long as Adam didn't push the button that made it go up and down while we flew! :)

Camp totally surprised me and L-O-V-E-D every single character!! I had no idea that he'd run right up to them, talk to them, hug them!! He was soooo cute!

We saw pirate Goofy right before we went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride...my fave!

While waiting to go into the Haunted Mansion, Camp said "I hear a choo choo train!!!!"

Camp fell asleep during the Hall of Presidents and took a power nap in his stroller...

we had nothing else to do, but eat fudge brownie sundaes!! :)

After Camp's nap we headed to It's a Small World...I think this was Camp's favorite ride!

He just sat there in amazement the whole time!

Waiting in line for Peter Pan...
Peter Pan was probably Camp's 2nd favorite ride, when we got off the ride he said "again?" "that was fun!!!!"

One of our last rides of the day was Buzz Lightyear...we walked into the ride and saw the life size Buzz and Camp was in love!

The very last stop at Magic Kingdom was Mickey's house...we then learned that you could wait in line to see Meeka himself!! :) This was probably the longest line of the day, but definitely worth it!

Once we got in sight of Mickey, Camp could hardly contain himself!

He couldn't believe it! And he even said "I can't believe it!" He was soooo darn cute and said "Hey Meeka, I Camp!

One happy little boy!!!

Mommy & Daddy joined in on the Meeka fun as well!!!

After leaving Mickey & Minnie, we hopped on the train that took us to the front gates. We were sad to say goodbye to the Magic Kingdom, but we were thankful for a fun filled day and great weather!!! Camp was soooooooooooo good! He stood in line like such a big boy and just went with the flow!

Epcot post coming soon!


The Smith Family said...

how fun!!

and how sweet!! it looks like camp loved it.

yaya said...

LOVE the pictures!!! So glad Meeka got to meet Camp!

Bebe said...

That one picture of Adam and Camp's profile they look alike! Sweet boy LOVED the characters, unlike his mother at that age. Ahhh, the wonder of childhood...