Before I forget any little detail about our trip, here's the Epcot post! We had a wonderful day at Epcot! The weather was a lot colder, but the sun was out and it was a beautiful day.
Adam, Camp, and I went on the ride in the "golf ball". I hadn't been on the ride since they added the computer screen in each ride...at the beginning they take a picture of your group and at the end they have a little cartoon with your actual faces! I was laughing hysterically as Adam and I bounced around the screen in our "future" home...It showed me planting in the garden and Adam serving dinner!
Camp got his 1st Visit button and wore it just long enough to take a picture...

Adam looooved Epcot! He hadn't been to Disney since he was seven years old so he didn't remember much. It was fun to see Adam experience the magic of Disney too! :)

While my dad and Adam rode Soarin', we waited in line at the Character Spot so we could meet lots of characters at once!! This little concept is brilliant! No more searching the parks for characters...they were all in one place!

high five for pluto!

Donwald Guck seemed to be a favorite of Camp's!

Adam spent a lot of time looking at all of the beautiful flowers... :)

We ate lunch in England and had a fabulous meal!

Camp got a Mickey pizza
We saw Marie from Aristocats in France...Camp had no idea who she was, but he wanted to see her anyway!

 yummy bakery in France...

We saw Mexican Donwald Guck in Mexico!!

Enjoying a popsicle after the Nemo ride...

and a lollipop after Figment!

Camp was fascinated with the little lights in the ground...

After a full day at Epcot and not one minute of napping, Camp was still a ball of energy!

After we left Epcot, we got on the monorail that took us all through Disney.

We had such a great time and we've had lots of fun reminiscing about our trip. Camp will list off all of the characters he saw to anyone that will listen.
 Adam and I bought the four day Florida resident pass so we still have two days left on our tickets! We are already planning on going back real soon!!


Bebe said...

Love his fascination with the lights! And still can't get over how comfortable he was with the characters. Looks like Mama got over her fear! I still remember Chandler telling Donald Duck that you and Trip were her best friends... Glad you had such fun and can look forward to 2 more days!

Traci said...

So fun! Camp looks like he had a blast!

CA said...

I love seeing him with all the characters! He looks so excited and precious. I wanna go to Disney now! PS- the It's A Small World ride was my favorite too! :)

Kristen said...

It looks like ya'll had a blast! I loved the Character spots too, it made it so much easier to have them all in one place. We'll have to check out the lights next time we go back somehow we missed them.

mary caroline said...

love all the pictures!! and sweet new kicks adam!