We are the Ruffles

I went on a girls trip to Birmingham this weekend. It was the best trip.....everything we did was just perfect and so much fun. Whoever invented girls weekends was a genius! I rode with Holly and Mary and we met Jill and Heather (Holly & Mary's long time friend from Ocala) up there. I've been so excited to meet Heather...we have been reading eachothers blogs and emailing back and forth for a while now. We knew that we would hit it off because we share a common bond.....we have the same middle name.....the best name in the world, Lane!! We got to Birmingham late Friday night.....we planned on going straight to bed, but ended up chit chatting til 2 in the morning!

I brought Cake Shop cupcakes as a surprise and little did I know Mary did the same thing....

Mary had the Cake Shop put our initials on them!

The Birmingham trip also served as a birthday celebration for Heather & Mary....Cake Shop cupcakes make the best breakfast!

Saturday afternoon we headed to lunch at Bottega. I ordered Macaroni & Cheese with a side salad. So tasty!

mcr 022
Me, Heather, Jill

mcr 026
Holly, Mary, Hillary aka The Other Mama
We were so excited that Hillary drove to Birmingham for the day!!

We then headed to shops in Homewood.




Heather found a doll that looked just like her!! :)




After walking out of Paper Affair, I saw something that might be interesting....the sign read "Yogurt Mountain".....all of my shopping partners quickly agreed that we needed to go check it out. It was the coolest place.....a self serve yogurt and topping bar. You fill up your cup with any or all of the yogurt flavors, get as many toppings as you like, then you take it to the cashier to be weighed. I was so overwhelmed as to what flavor frozen yogurt I should choose!! I ended up with cheesecake, peanut butter, and chocolate frozen yogurts.....then it was off to the toppings. Heath Bar, Reese's, brownies, Rice Krispie Treats, and mini M&M's made the cut.
A picture of our works of art....the prices ran from $4 to almost $8! Hillary won the prize for the most expensive cup of yogurt, but she's eating for two! :)

mcr 031


After Yogurt Mountain we said our goodbyes to Hillary and headed to The Summit for even more shopping! We hit up Janie & Jack, Williams Sonoma, Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Gap, and Anthropologie. Lets just say we definitely did our part in stimulating the economy! :)

We had a little too much fun in the dressing rooms of Ann Taylor.



Heather Lane, Mary Lane, & Mary Caroline.

Fabulous flats (a little wet from all the rain!)

The Lanes

The sisters


I love Anthropologie....and I love these bowls.

We ate dinner at La Paz. My new favorite restaurant.
I enjoyed this tasty Strawberry Margarita and yummy Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas!

Sunday came too soon, but we ate a FABULOUS brunch at Chez Lulu.

The best hot chocolate that I have ever had in my life!! I'd love a cup right now!




The Ruffles
The Ruffles

We had such a wonderful time. We're already planning our next trip to Birmingham....same weekend, same restaurants! :) (Beth...put it on your calendar NOW!)

Thank you Mama Byrd, Cap, and Auntie Chandler for watching the Camper!!

Adam was also out of town on his own boys weekend......a bachelor party for Clay in New Orleans! :) I think Adam's already working on the blog post recapping his weekend! ;)


Janet said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast!! So glad ya'll had fun!!! You can plan me a trip anyday!!! :)

mary caroline said...

Hello Lane Ruffle! Marvy post!! I'm anxiously awaiting Adam's blog post...however nothing could beat our weekend of fun!

Heather said...

Oh, Lane. Perfect post. I loved every single moment from the 2 a.m. labor and delivery talk fest to the strawberry margaritas and everything inbetween. You are just as fun & lovely as I knew you would be "in real life" (ha!) and I can't wait for January 2011, wooo.hoo!

xo, Other Lane

Carrie Anne said...

Precious pictures! You made me wanna go to Birmingham so bad!! Looks like so much fun. PS: Love your houndstooth scarf in the photos ;)

Mama Byrd said...

Ooo, wish I was Toby Ruffle. I'd be there with the rest of you cute girls! So glad everyone had fun. LOVE the picture and the post. Feel like I was there too!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

How much fun! Love, love, loved our time together! I can't wait until a WHOLE NOTHER year, for goodness sakes! And I've looked all over for your adorable shoes!! EEKK! Have to find them b/4 Blissdom!