'Tis the Season

When I taught preschool, we had one of these Fisher Price Nativity sets for the children to play with at Christmas time. Ever since I laid eyes on it, I wanted one! I meant to get one last year and never got around to it so when I saw it out in Camp's classroom this year, I set out on a search for one of our own! When Adam and I were out shopping for Camp's Christmas gifts, I spotted it at Target and had to get it.

It's so cute and I love that it's a decoration, but also something that can be played with!
Camp woke up Friday morning to it set up on the coffee table and he was pretty pleased!

We've been talking about Ho Ho taking away his paci/uh oh and giving it to the babies that need it. Camp took his paci out of his mouth and tried to give it to baby Jesus. :)

Speaking of the paci, just so everyone knows (and so we don't forget) the Nuk pacifiers are called pacis and the Mam's are called uh ohs. ;) He also likes the Nuk's to be turned upside down and that's just how I had my paci when I was little!

This picture was taken before Thanksgiving, but I never shared it. Adam, Bop Bop, and Uncle Dave had a successful duck hunting morning! Yaya & Bop Bop's black lab, Della, did a great job at retrieving.

Camp watching Elf for the millionth time! He's memorized most lines and songs. I'm just thankful he's addicted to a movie that I actually enjoy!! ;)

I also had a few little Campisms that I wanted to share...especially since I'm not doing the monthly reports of what he's been up to!

He says please and thank you like a champ, but we've been working on saying yes ma'am, no ma'am, yes sir, no sir, instead of okay. Last night I asked him if his dinner was good and he said "yes sir mommy" ;) Adam and I both got such a kick out of that!

The other night at dinner we wanted to sing a new blessing that Camp sings at preschool (also, the same blessings we sang when I taught preschool) but I forgot the second line...I asked Camp what came next not expecting him to know or even be able to tell me, but he said "we give thanks". Oh my, I had to choke back the tears!! I was so proud of him I could hardly stand it!!!!

When he sees any toy that he likes he always says "Ho Ho bring it?"

We sure love our little boy!!


yaya said...

The fisher price set is wonderful! Thanks for sharing the great pictures...love the way he sitslike my Daddy with his hands behind his head when he watches tv! We love the little buddy too!!!!

CA said...

OMG...LOVE everything about this post...hahah "Yes Sir Mommy"...Gah I love him! :)

Heather said...

I'm not sure how I can love a little kid so much that I have never in my entire life met, but I love that little Camp :) He is so, so sweet!!

Bebe said...

I actually had people try to twist your paci the right way! I would tell them (politely, most times) you preferred it upside down. So is Ho Ho taking Camp's away? It worked for you! But bless his heart...
And how sweet what Heather said... Haven't met her but I love HER! And we love the biggest boy!!