it's beginning to look a lot like...


The day after Thanksgiving, we headed to Tallahassee Nurseries to get our tree.

Camp loved smelling all of the trees!

We finally found the tree!

Camp just wanted to play with all of the wagons!

Camp is such a big helper boy!

We decorated our tree with white lights and C9 bulbs...my favorite. They are so fun and colorful and look so old fashioned.
An ornament from our first Christmas together...

And then there were three!! :) I can't believe this will be Camp's third Christmas!
Our tree doesn't have a theme...it's filled with ornaments that are mismatched, but all have meaning. I love it. My aunt Becky used to get me an ornament every year for Christmas so that when I was grown, I'd have plenty of ornaments. She wrote the year on each one and I love them. My godmother, Donna, also gave me some of her ornaments and they are just beautiful!!

I've discovered these Dove Peppermint Bark Promises...they are perfection wrapped in foil. I've gone from wanting everything pumpkin to everything peppermint!!

Adam planted a few new plants in the yard this weekend and of course Camp had to join in on the fun! He wanted his "shobel" so he could "help Daddy".

Bless his sweet heart...

I can't believe that it is December 1st!!! We haven't even taken our Christmas card pictures yet! I've been so busy taking pictures of other families that I haven't even thought about taking our own! Maybe we can get our act together this weekend! :)


yaya said...

how fun to celebrate christmas in a new home!!!! love the little helper! ho ho ho!!!

Grey Webb said...

These are precious pictures. This Christmas will be a big Ho Ho Ho for Camper.

Bebe said...

Those old fashioned bulbs were all we had when I was a kid! Guess that makes me old fashioned... I love that Camp is such a good helper boy. Santa's always watching!