Tractor Birthday Party

It's no surprise that Camp loves tractors so his birthday theme was an easy decision!! We planned on having a hayride in the back yard, but the rain had other plans. We also planned on having the entire party outside, but as the day went on, I knew it would probably rain during his party so we just set up everything inside. I'm actually glad it worked out how it did because everyone wanted to see our new house anyway and I'm sure if it wasn't raining, it would have been too hot!

I uploaded 52 pictures to this blog post so get ready for tractor party overload!! I'll start with the detail pictures...
Thank you to my balloon girl, Beth, for getting the balloons for us! I have a slight fear of latex balloons (I'm weird) and I also didn't have much time to break away to go get them!!

Mary found this tin at TJ Maxx and thought it would be a nice addition to Camp's tractor party. We both liked it because it was vintage looking and not really John Deere looking! :)

Cow & Pig lollipops for party favors.

Pimento cheese sandwiches shaped like tractors.

Cream cheese & pineapple sandwiches shaped like tractors!

Camp's monthly pictures with Beary...


I wanted the party food preparation to be as stress free as possible. I didn't want Adam to stand over a grill the entire time and I didn't want things baking in the oven at the last minute. The party was from 3-5 so we didn't need to serve lunch or dinner...I came up with pasta salad, sandwiches, fruit, goldfish, and sugar cookies. It was perfect and even that was work enough! Cutting out the bread with the tractor cookie cutter took a looong time!! Thankfully, Carrie Anne came over a little early and assembled the sandwiches for me!
Another view of the table...the tractor sugar cookies or state of Florida sugar cookies...they were open to your own interpretation!
Drinks...and the wonderful wash tub that Adam got me for my birthday!!

Love it!

Before the guests arrived, Mamaw gave Camp his present! He was soooooo excited!

He couldn't believe that it was all for him!

Checking it all out...

He's one happy boy!

Our guests starting to arrive!
Sally Kate, Carson, & Hadley

Camp showing off his new tractor.

Parents of the big two year old!

Beth came from Atlanta just for Camp's birthday! We were so excited!!

Beth & Campy B as she likes to call him!

Camp soon discovered all of his presents...his cousin Barrett was such a sweet helper!

Camp would open his gifts and say "oh cool!" or "oh wow!"

Camp got so many fun gifts!

The Toy Story car racing toy has been a big hit!! Thanks Meggie & Billy!

Time for cake!
The Cake Shop made the cake and I had them put the barn and tractor from the birthday invitation on the cake!

Camp was so cute while we sang happy birthday to him. He had the biggest grin on his face the entire time!

He knew exactly what to do when it came time to blow out the candles!

At 5pm exactly, the weather cleared and we headed outside to test out Camp's new tractor.

The tractor is definitely a winner!! I know Camp will have hours and hours of fun with this thing!!

Camp's 2nd birthday party was a success! I'm so happy that so many people came to help us celebrate. The most important part was that Camp had a blast! He was such a happy Camper all day long!

And I had such a fun time planning Camp's birthday party!

Happy Birthday CAMP!

I had to share this...
Adam and I keep talking to Camp about his birthday party and if he had fun. He always says he did and then he always asks "people?" I think he enjoys a house full of friends!!!


mary caroline said...

C-U-T-E!! loved all the pictures with your new flash! And...the candid shots were great :) Happy 2nd to the sweetest boy...even if he squawks at me everytime I talk to him! xoxo

Mama Byrd said...

Love this post! Made me feel like I was there. Glad to see Guest Book Girl! Thanks for sharing...

Beth Madigan said...

You captured every precious moment! I'm so glad I was able to celebrate Campy B's big day!

yaya said...

it was a perfect party!!thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures!!you are so blessed with precious friends to share these great times with..looking forward to many more!!!! :)

CA said...

Precious party for a precious boy! Love the pictures! Such a fun time :)

Amy said...

I LOVE the party! Great job with the theme, Lane! Tractors in every detail...I bte Camp LOVED it!