2 Year Stats & Before and After

Camp had his two year well check up today. He did a great job and even stuck out his tongue and said "ahhh" like such a big boy! He had three shots today and didn't care for them one bit. He cried for a little while and then kept saying "hurt". Poor buddy!! He won't need any more shots until Kindergarten though! Yippee!

He continues to measure tall and thin!
He is:
 28 pounds, 5 ounces (55%)
37 3/4" tall (97%)
19.5" (49.5cm) head circumference (70%)
We don't go back to another well check up until he's 3!!! I made sure to ask the dr. all of my crazy questions at this appointment! As always, Camp seems to be right on track with his development.

We recently had our master bedroom and Camp's room painted. Camp's room was the only room that we knew we HAD to paint. The color of the walls were too close to his furniture color and it was just too blah for a little boy's room! The entire house is painted a color called Baked Custard. I'm sure the previous owners painted it that color to make it appealing to every potential buyer. I like the color, but we will probably end up painting the rest of the house soon!
Here are the "keeping it real" before pictures.

Here is the after...

 His room is painted Benjamin Moore's Dried Parsley (it's a tie for my all time favorite color along with BM's Wedgewood Gray) It is also the same color as his previous room...

I painted the white frames from his old room and think they pop against the green walls! I love them!

This red book case was a labor of love! I think there are 7 coats of red paint on that thing!

It used to look like this...
It was my cousin Meryl's when she was a little girl. It's been in storage at my mom and Fred's for 14 years and I called dibs on it when they were clearing out their house to move. I knew I could transform it! I should have primed it before I started painting, but I did not. I painted 3 coats, then spray painted it red a few times, then painted it two more times. I love the way it turned out so it was worth all of the hard work!

Another view of the book case...
I love accenting red with this color green.

I'm so happy with the way Camp's room turned out!! I feel happy every time I walk in. Because I knew we were going to paint his room right away, I never organized his toys or books so I'm glad that there is some order in there now!

I'll post pictures of our newly painted master bedroom soon!!


Mama Byrd said...

Big, boy sticking his tongue out... Glad he won't have any more shots for awhile!
And love, love, love his room!! You don't realize how plain it was til you see the after pics.

Amy said...

Oh Lane! Once again, we share the same taste in decorating! This time, in paint colors. I just painted our bedroom Wedgewood Gray!!! Obsessed!!