Beach Weekend

You know when I haven't blogged in over a week we are either out of town or sick!! We've been both!
Camp and I both started in with colds/allergies about a week ago. Camp was just pitiful and actually missed preschool this week. Now I'm dealing with a sore throat and sleepless nights...yuck! Hope we are all on the mend very soon!

We spent Labor Day Weekend in Cape San Blas...
Camp showed us who he really loved more! :) He gave Adam sweet kisses, but the little stinker wanted nothing to do with me...

Look at that smile on his face...he thinks it's funny!!

Got him!

Camp liked to pretend that he was calling boats on the radio.

We went for a little boat ride on Sunday. The weather was perfect and I would have stayed out there all day, but Camp started getting pretty puny so we cut the boat ride short.


Pretty sunset from the back porch of the LP.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend...I guess summer is really over now! In celebration of September (the best month of the year) I made my favorite pumpkin cookies, but made them in a mini muffin form! I was experimenting for Camp's birthday snack at preschool. I liked the mini muffins, but I think I just like them as cookies better.


mary caroline said...

beach pictures...finally!!

ok missy, I need some of those pumpkin treats :)

Anonymous said...

Once you start preschool every germ you never wanted comes into your house. Love the picture of Adam and Camp. -- Charlotte