Memorial Day Weekend

We had an awesome Memorial Day weekend. We had a great time kicking off the first weekend of summer! I'm ready to spend most of our summer at the beach.
Here's what we did......
We played lots of this...and had lots of laughs!

Camp enjoyed the pool and the hose. He had a blast "watering" the screened porch!
(this is della....yaya and bop bop's lab puppy)

Yaya boiled yummy shrimp!
We had lots of fun on the beach and chased the buddy quite a bit!
We even swam in the ocean too! The water was the perfect temperature and crystal clear.

On Sunday night, Yaya, Carrie Anne, and I went to Sunset Coastal Grill. It's my favorite restaurant of all time....well maybe a tie with JCT Kitchen, but it's soooo tasty!
Our view...
Our dinner was fabulous and the best part was that Bop Bop and Adam stayed home with Camp so we could have a nice relaxing evening!

Carrie Anne and I stayed up until 2 am both Friday and Saturday nights....we had way too much fun! I am so thankful to have such a great sister in-law!

We hooked up the DVD player and Camp was able to watch all of his favorite movies.

The Grill Master made tasty burgers before he and Bop Bop had to leave to head back to town on Monday.
Yaya, Camp, and I ended up staying a few extra days and it was a nice treat. Camp and I missed Adam so much, but I think he missed us even more.

I'm ready to head back down to the beach!
I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!


YaYa said...

ready to goooo.......give me the word!!! it was a great holiday!!!

CA said...

awwww so glad i could make a lil cameo on the blog...had sooooo much fun! so happy you are my SIL!:)

Mama Byrd said...

Love the pic of Camp eating his Goldfish...
Let the summer begin!!