21 Months

Sweet Camper is 21 months today!
I honestly forgot it was the 26th and I couldn't remember if he was 21 or 22 months old....bad Mama, I know!!
The beginning of the photo shoot didn't start out so well....

I told him that we were going take pictures with Beary so he hopped right on up and started smiling...I was thinking "wow, that was way too easy!"
Thought too soon! :)
As soon as I brought the camera out, he wanted nothing to do with it!

So I brought out the big guns and offered him a lollipop.

Look at that face!
He's thinking, "I'm going to pitch fits every time I want a lollipop!"

"Sure, I'll smile if you give me candy!!"

----Camp at 21 months----

Loves to brush his teeth and reminds us to brush them all the time. He has top and bottom molars now.

After he's finished with dinner he asks to take a bath. He loves bathtime.

Says so many new words I can't even remember them all.

Every time we walk out the front door, he holds his leg up to prevent Annabelle from getting out and he says GO!" :)

Still loves Shrek and Cars and has recently become in love with Sesame Street and all things Melmo aka Elmo.

Likes to "help" us with most everything.

Looks out the window and will say that it's raining. :) Most of the time he's right, sometimes he's not! Hahah..

He's still our little love bunny and will walk up to us and hug and kiss our legs.

Every time we pass Chick fil A or McDonald's he says "num nuuum"

He calls to-go drinks/drinks with a straw "doh doh" And loooveess doh dohs. If we have drinks he has to have one too.

When he first walks outside he'll say "whew!" Because it's soo dang hot out! And I realize it's because I say it too! :)

He sleeps from 8pm-7:30am and sometimes sleeps in til 9 or 10. Now that he only has his uh oh at bedtime, we can say "do you want to go ni night with your uh oh?" and he usually responds with a quick "yeah!"....bedtime has never been so easy!

Wearing 24 month- 2T top, 12-18 month shorts, and 24 month-2T Jon Jon and 6.5 shoe. The child's waist is so small I can barely keep shorts up on him! Today he was wearing a pair of 18-24 months shorts and they kept falling down....of course we've been singing "Pants on the ground" all morning....

He's still in a size 4 diaper.

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Uncle Trip said...

OMG is that a LifeSaver Lollipop? I would do just about anything for one of those. I cant believe how big the Dude is getting! Tell the Camper that I love him!!