Tricks, Trucks, Thomasville, & Tables

Catchy title, eh?!

This is how Camp watched cartoons the other day...
He drove his truck along the top of the bucket while he watched Handy Manny!

Last week, Adam brought a big truck home filled with lawn mowers so Camp could have free reign!

Camp was one happy boy!

He explored every nook and cranny!

Last night we headed to Thomasville for dinner. Aunt Vicki and Uncle Oscar were in town so we had a wonderful dinner at Nina & Papa's house.
Me and my siblings..... (Chandler, Trip, and Moi) Chandler and Trip spent last week at the beach....can't you tell?! Big sis needs a tan!

These two love eachother, a lot!! And ladies....Uncle Trip is SINGLE and ready to mingle.

Helping Cap pick up some ice that he dropped!

Camp wants his daddy to pick him up!

Aunt Vicki being silly...

There's that face again....
He's probably thinking "what is that lady doing with a plate on her head?"

We moved Camp's table and chairs into the dining room to hopefully get more use out of them! They're normally stuck in the corner of the playroom and I think sometimes Camp forgets that they are there! They are so cute and need to get some use! Maybe he can start eating breakfast and lunch at the table?!

While I was vacuuming, Camp went in his room and read some books.....all by himself! The glider has become his new favorite toy, but usually he stands up on it, leans it against the wall, and turns the light on and off. We're working hard to stop him from doing this so I was excited to see him sitting in the chair like a big boy and reading his books!

I can't believe it's already Thursday! We might go to the beach this weekend. We have the beach bug and rightfully so......we haven't been since Labor Day! Camp is going to love the beach this summer and I'm looking forward to seeing how he reacts to it this year!


Lollie :) said...

I love love love the frowny funny face! I feel like that ALOT!You really capture great moments! Thanks for always sharing,I can't get enough!!! And thanks for the school visit! Come again!!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Your sibs are SO cute!! I love all y'all together!
Camper LURVED the trucks, I'm sure. What fun!!
And I thought the Thomasville in the title was about Thomas the Tank Engine- what a sad life I lead.

Trip Webb said...

Hey I had so much fun the other night up in Tville. I don't know what we would do for entertainment if Camp wasn't around, I love that little guy sooo much!

Nicole said...

Lane, I love your blog! Camp is such a cute kid.

I found you through Amy's blog! I recently just started blogging too. It is already so addicting :)