Hop Hop Hop

We had a wonderful Easter! We woke up to no power and were a little bummed when we couldn't make our Easter breakfast! :( The power didn't come back on until 11, but it was just enough time to finish my deviled eggs and cookies before we headed to Easter dinner.

The Easter Bunny paid a visit to the little buddy. When he saw his basket on the table he said "WHOA!!"
Camp went straight for the trucks....
vroom, vroom

Then he discovered the candy....

"let me just dump this entire egg of gummy savers into my mouth!"

"eggs filled with candy make me happy"

"but mama, I don't think i've had enough candy yet!"

The Easter Bunny hid little eggs throughout the house....the Easter Bunny did the same thing when I was growing up!

tasty cookies with homemade icing.....I used gel food coloring for the first time and was super impressed. 

Camp had THREE more Easter baskets to open once we got to Meg & Billy's (Adam's aunt & uncle)
He immediately found the Peeps in Mamaw's basket and helped himself!

"Woo Hoo.....got it myself!"

He wasn't quite sure of the Peeps...

He moved on to the Reese's.....that's my boy!

This sweet boy ate candy all day! I had to put all of his candy in a big bag and hide it because he would have done the same thing today!

Here's our attempt at a family picture! Camp got a cute dancing bunny from his Mamaw and he was too busy watching it do the Bunny Hop!
We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


CA said...

sooooooooooo cute....and the deviled eggs and cookies you made were so yummy as always! fun day!

Trip Webb said...

The Deviled eggs were awesome! I'm so glad i got to come.

Heather said...

Lane, I love the green dress. So cute!