Leprechauns, Sugar Poofs, and Crunch 'n Munch, Oh My!

I spent the weekend in ATL visiting Beth. And let me start by saying that I was totally off on my picture taking this weekend...I had all intentions of taking wonderful pictures and I DID NOT! Spending time with the BFF took precedence!

I arrived Friday afternoon to this...

surprise surprise!

I will never complain about TLH traffic again! It took me an hour to go 6 miles...I headed straight to Ikea for a quick shopping trip before Beth got off of work. I love that store!! I got a few things including a tent for Camp and an adorable pillow for our bedroom! I would be in trouble if we had an Ikea closer to our house!

I arrived at Beth’s adorable house and was greeted by this gift basket!!
HOW SWEET!! She knows just what I like...the funny thing is that I brought her almost the same exact goodies! Beth soon came home from work and we headed out to a few shops in Virginia Highlands…

We came home and got ready for dinner at JCT Kitchen. Oh. My. Goodness...I don’t think I’ve ever eaten at a better restaurant!! It made me want to cry thinking that there is NOTHING even close to compare to it in TLH. We started our dinner with these truffle fries and a Texas star cocktail…

For dinner I had Sweet Corn and Goat Cheese filled pasta (so unlike me, but it was probably the best dinner I’ve EVER eaten!) and Beth had short ribs. We both inhaled our dinners too quickly to take pictures!


Beth told the restaurant that it was my birthday so I could get a pretty plate with my name in chocolate. For dessert I had Meyer Lemon donuts with cappuccino ice cream and Beth had the apple pies with cinnamon ice cream. Both were so amazingly out of this world. I’m even tempted to get in the car right now and drive up to Atlanta for dinner tonight...it was that good!

We came home and attacked our junk food stash (like we were hungry!) and started watching a movie. I fell asleep almost immediately...driving and eating wears me out!

On Saturday we headed to Parks Edge for brunch and all you can drink Mimosas, uh oh! The brunch was fantastic and so were the mimosas!
A few of Beth’s friends met us there and we had an absolute blast!

We then headed to Piedmont Park/Park Tavern for Shamrock Fest! Beth’s favorite band was playing and we had a wonderful afternoon of good music, good company, and good beverages! I brought out my camera a few times and people thought I was the photographer of the event...I had someone ask me to take pictures of them and I looked at them like they were crazy! I said “but this is my camera!” and they said, “it’s ok!” Beth looked at me and said “They think you’re Flash Photo!” Hahaha...

Sunday morning, Beth took me to one of her favorite brunch restaurants, Rosebud.
We’d had our fair share of mimosas from the day before so we both opted for an Orange Crush. Beth and I have the same juvenile taste buds. :) We both had another wonderful meal and then headed to a few more shops in her neighborhood. I got a few great things for Mama Byrd...Sunday was her birthday and she watched Camp for the weekend!! THANK YOU MAMA BYRD!

It felt like the weekend had just begun, but I needed to get on the road to beat traffic and I missed my boys sooooooo much! I had such a fun time being care free and spending time with my BFFAEAE!

Thank you Bethel for showing me a great time and I can’t wait to head back up to ATL to visit again...next time I’ll bring Mary with me!

Here's a picture of Camp enjoying his new igloo tent from Ikea! HE LOVES IT! :)


Beth Madigan said...

AHHHHH so much fun! I miss you already :(

lollie said...

looks like you had a great time! and if your headed up for some of that tasty looking food...i'll be a stow away!! looked fantastic!!! so glad you had fun!thanks for sharing pics! :)

mary caroline said...

Great pictures and weekend! I'll be there next time...rest assured...with a green pashmina on ;)

Mama Byrd said...

OOOO, Camp looks so cute in his igloo tent! I want some of that goat cheese, corn pasta, too. Glad you enjoyed your weekend, there's nothing quite like a bffaeae!