A Video & Randomness

I was able to capture most of Camp's animal sounds on video last night. I'm still trying to get "Aye Yuh Oooh" (I love you) and Bop Bop (Popsie) on film.....the little stinker knows I'm filming him and is more interested in the flashing red light than doing what I ask him to do!

I finally painted Camp's kids table and chairs and I'm so pleased with them!! I especially love the green! I used Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Satin in aqua, green apple, & strawflower.

Camp can now crawl up on the rocking chair. He thinks it's absolutely hilarious when he does it! He will also stand up on it and rock back and forth.....I'm not quite brave enough to take my eyes off of him long enough to capture a picture of that though!!

I FINALLY took down our Christmas decorations on Wednesday and brought out the few Valentine's decorations that we have. As sad as I was to see the Christmas decorations go, it makes our house look less cluttered and I like it.

Yesterday it rained, and rained, and rained! Our poor yard looks so pitiful now! We were very happy to see the bright blue skies today!

This picture is for Uncle Trip! Camp wore the shirt you got him to bed the other night. After I put the shirt on him, he came in the room with the hat you gave him too! I think he knows that the Guy Harvey hat and shirt are supposed to go together!

I made two new recipes this week for dinner. One of my "new years resolutions" was to make one week of brand new recipes. I usually cook Monday-Thursday so that's four meals.....well I'm halfway there! :) I was hoping to make a week straight of new meals, but you know how that goes! Both recipes were huge successes so I might post them soon!

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Heather said...

I spy some new butterflies in the living room - it looks so cool!