Happy Camper

Our friends Dave and Kelly invited us to their hunting camp to spend New Years. They wanted all three of us to join them....I was a little worried about what to expect....especially with a 15 month old. We arrived Wednesday evening and I was pleasantly surprised when I took a look at our living quarters. Adam, Camp, and I stayed in an RV (or I guess technically it was a 5th Wheel) One of my lifelong dreams has been to travel the US in an RV. :) I was so excited to finally get to experience one! After spending three nights and four days in the 5th Wheel, it only made me want to travel in one even more!! I made Adam promise me that one day we could take a trip with one. :)

Wednesday night wasn't too chilly so we enjoyed the evening by the bonfire....until it started raining. (Adam, Camp, & Dave)

Camp watching Sesame Street on one of the two channels that we got on tv. (The other channel was CBS...thank goodness I was able to watch the FSU game!)

This sweet child was in hog heaven. Tractors, combines, trucks, Rangers, open spaces.....I don't think I've seen Camp so happy....and I guess Adam was in hog heaven too! :)



We celebrated New Year's Eve a little early, 8pm to be exact! We were in bed by 10.

We set off a few fireworks and Camp loved them!

Dave and Kelly (Dave was being a little jokester!)

Enthralled by the fireworks!

This New Year's blower wasn't quite as easy to use as Daddy's duck call....

So Daddy helped Camp out a bit!

IMG_7421 copy

On Friday we set out on an arrowhead hunt. Adam got pretty lucky!

We found an old grave....
Fannie wife of RV Allen
Born Feb 28 1887
Died Feb 22 1917
My own dear wife has gone
It gave us chills!!

Camp loves Dave and Dave loves Camp!

We came back to the camp and watched the FSU game.

Oh yes, I took a picture of the television. This is history in the making, folks!! Bobby's last game...and an awesome final score!

Friday night we headed to the neatest place for dinner. A couple recently purchased the old plantation home and turned it into a restaurant.


Each room was turned into a dining room.



We had such a tasty dinner!

Saturday morning, the boys got up for some dove hunting.

They're so cute!

We had a great time with sweet friends and enjoyed the slow pace.

Dave and Kelly actually came back to town with us so Adam could take Dave duck hunting this morning. (They didn't have enough of it from the four days up in Georgia!) We enjoyed extending our visit unexpectedly and were sad to see them go this afternoon! Adam's going back to work tomorrow after a nice long vacation and I think we're both ready to get back into the swing of things! We've had such a busy holiday break, but we're ready to calm down a bit! Our fridge is empty and laundry is piled high, but we've had so much fun!

Happy 2010!


Mama Byrd said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. Happy 2010 to some of my favorite people!!

Carrie Anne said...

Wow I love these photos! That restaurant/house looked awesome. So beautiful. Glad ya'll had fun!!

Brewin Family said...

We had a blast but it wasn't long after arriving home I was in bed!!! LOL!