15 Month Stats

Camp had his 15 month appointment yesterday. Our appointment was right after lunch, but we still had to wait such a long time! We were there for over two hours!
Camp got three shots and only cried for a bit!
I was surprised with his measurements because I was confident that he weighed more than he does!
Weight- 22 lbs. 14 oz. (30th%)
Height- 33 inches (94%)
Head Circumference- 18.9 inches (75%)

I just had to laugh at those percentiles.......is it any question that Camp is just like his daddy? He may look more like me, but he's definitely built like his daddy!

We think Camp's getting his top teeth. He is a drooling machine and keeps biting hard on his paci. Dr. Elzie confirmed that his left top tooth is swollen so hopefully he'll get some relief soon! He also has a cold and I've read that can be a teething symptom too. It's about time for more teeth! :)


Lollie and Bop Bop :) said...

Happy 15th(month!!) birthday sweetest boy!!!!sooooo precious!

Mama Byrd said...

Love the new header!