Happy Birthday Sweet Narnie!

Our first baby is 5 today!! Poor Annabelle used to get wrapped birthday presents when she was an only child. She's not getting any presents this year, but I'll give her a few extra dog treats to celebrate.

And on the subject of birthdays....I got a text this morning from Adam's cousin Ginny saying that she was in labor! Yay!! We are so excited to meet baby Nate!! GO GINNY!!


Kathy McCharen said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet pup!

Hi, Lane--I don't know if you remember me but I'm Delma Carson's daughter-in-law. I met you nearly 5 years ago when Annabelle was just a little butter ball of a puppy.

I have been following your blog ever since you sent Camp's birth announcement to Mama and it included your blog address. I have so enjoyed hearing about Camp and seeing how he's grown. He is an adorable child! I've shown Mama pictures of Camp and she thinks he's a sweetie too! I'm sure she would love to see all of you sometime.

I hope that you and Adam and Camp have a very Merry Christmas and the best of New Years. Kathy McCharen

Mama Byrd said...

Happy Birthday to my first born grand-dog! And many more.....

Lollie said...

happy birthday to my first grandog-daughter!! I miss the narn and we all wish her ther happiest of birthdays!!!!