Decking the Halls

I love the Christmas season. My favorite parts are the days leading up to Christmas.....all the fun traditions, preparations, togetherness! We've been busy getting in the Christmas spirit (despite the fact that I've seemed to come down with some sort of bug....I seem to be on the road to recovery now though!)

We added a few lights to the outside of our house. It seems like now that we have Camp, I'm more interested in the tacky Christmas decorations....the ones that move, sing, and blow up in your front yard! We don't have any blow up decorations for the yard, but I see why people get them.....I know Camp would just think it was the coolest thing ever!! Maybe next year! :)

Adam chose to adorn this maple tree with white lights so the fall color would stand out at night. With all the rain, most of these leaves have fallen off, but it still looks festive!

I finally got our Christmas cards out. I think they turned out great! I actually made them this year. I'll post our Christmas card picture once I know most everyone has received their cards in the mail....don't want to spoil any fun!

My mom came over to bake Christmas goodies. We do this every year and this tradition started with my great grandmother.


We made Largo Cookies....

Peanut Butter cookies with Hershey Kisses.....

and Caramels.....mmmmm my fave!
We still have a few more goodies to make including fudge!


Now the 5th generation is enjoying these tasty treats!! :)

I got a new phone this weekend and my old phone has become Camp's favorite toy. He's probably half the reason the phone stopped working so hopefully he'll be content with the old one and leave my new one alone!!

Hope everyone is having fun preparing for Christmas too!!


Nikki said...

LOVE IT! GREAT photos too - what kind of camera do you use? How long have you been shooting? :)

mary caroline said...

lane, are you trying to sneak JLT cookbooks in every picture?!?!